Our Beliefs

Thoughtfully made and designed.

Each piece is made in-house in a reconverted mill in Biddeford, Maine, USA.
Artisan crafting each piece by hand gives our jewelry spirit, love and energy that cannot transfer in mass produced pieces.

Large scale importing and exporting affect our carbon imprint. By producing domestically, we eliminate massive pollution. 

We strive to create designs that will be worn again and again, to reduce the "disposable culture" that has been embraced of late, to create jewelry that will stand the test of time. 

We use the finest recycled precious metals. We purchase our silver and gold from a refinery that is the greenest in the United States. Zero wastewater emission. Air that is scrubbed so well that the air leaving the refinery is actually cleaner than the air entering.

We collect every bit of scrap; what we can't reuse, we recycle.  We're constantly looking for new ways to be environmentally conscious.

Your life is a story. Let our jewelry to be part of yours.