Customer Reviews

“I absolutely LOVE Martini Jewels! Truly beautiful pieces that can be worn for all occasions.”

-PURE Original, wholesale client


"The ART in Martini Jewels is what catches your eye, makes you pause and captures your heart. The ARTist is who keeps you coming back to see what new treasures she’s created. That artist is Lori Perkins. She is talented, has an infectious smile, cares about people, and loves her craft.

My daughters and I had the pleasure of meeting Lori almost eight years ago. That was the beginning of a cherished friendship.  Lori treats every customer as an individual and we treasure all of the jewelry we’ve purchased from her. Once we made our first purchase from Martini Jewels, seeking out Lori’s designs has become a part of our tradition.  

After speaking with Lori for only a few minutes, you feel as if you’ve known her for years. We love her earrings, bracelets and necklaces. What’s most endearing to us is her willingness to personalize pieces. Lori is open to taking what starts out as her personal creation and making it personal to you

I always say that I’m “my grandmother’s granddaughter” because she’d never leave the house without her earrings and neither do I.  J  Many of my “go to” pieces are the ones that Lori designed. They’re keepsakes that keep you reaching for them each day. That’s the true gift.

Thank you, LP. Can’t wait to see what’s next!"

 - - Linda M.


"I have to share how wonderful Lori Perkins creations have been in my life.  I have sent many birthday presents made especially for the person that Lori has personalized for them.  She can make ANYTHING and make it beautifully and unique and original. The excitement that my friends and family share with me for the personal jewelry makes my heart very warm!

I am also a huge fan and wearer of her creations. I wear several pieces everyday. I have personalized charms and a beautiful ring she made for me with my 18 year old dog’s name on it that passed years ago. NEVER take those things off.  It's so comforting to have her things that are beautiful and so meaningful on at all times.  I look forward to her new pieces every time I visit her site and go to her shows.

I express heartfully to look into her things. NOTHING she can't make and personalize."

-Sincerely, Jenny


Thank you for the fast service and understanding the importance of the memorial necklaces I ordered. They are stunning. 
- Marilyn, Facebook review


I was very happy with my custom order and found that the staff were helpful in our communications. The necklaces arrived in great condition and are really beautiful. Thank you!
- Nathalie, Special Order Customer


"Thank you for putting that order together on such short notice. I can't wait to give them to the wedding party.
Your designs are both creative and elegant. After a great deal of searching, I was excited to find them online."
- Sarah, Special Order for Wedding