Vesuvianite Earrings - MARTINIJewels
Vesuvianite Earrings - MARTINIJewels

Vesuvianite Earrings

Loving this stone - Vesuvianite! first found at Mt. Vesuvius. Easily mistaken for peridot, vesuvianite has a bit more olive in color. This trillion shaped stone is framed in recycled sterling silver; the back of the setting has been cut out to better let light show through and illuminate the stone.

Featuring contemporary ear wires, they measure slightly over 2 inches. If you would prefer a traditional, shorter ear wire, leave a message to seller, and I'll be happy to adjust. While I have a few of these stones and am able to make a more earrings, once they're gone, well, they're gone!

Every piece of MARTINI Jewels jewelry is handmade by me. I am a true, very, very small business. And I so appreciate your support.